I didn’t expect the candles to give off so much heat

I live in a city that is severely prone to major power outages! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that every one of us has intense weather that regularly takes down power lines.

The actual complication is, every one of us doesn’t need horrible climate events to take down our power grid, because every one of us has all kinds of large trees in the city… It’s a different mixture of urban infrastructure plus large, old forests together.

This causes all sorts of severe issues. It is not uncommon for humongous branches to come down plus take out the power lines. So, of course, the other day, I came home plus learned that the residence was looking completely dark plus quiet. Sadly, every one of us had lost power once again while I was gone. I was truly frustrated, and this meant there was easily no central a/c actually operating in the residence. Of course, it was a 95 degree day outside in the middle of the summer season. The air was severely boiling plus muggy, plus the indoor air felt much worse. I could not see a single thing in the sweltering residence without lights, so I dug out some tiny candles plus started lighting them around the residence. It looked rather beautiful, but it wasn’t too long before I noticed that the indoor air temperature was going up. I realized, with major dissatisfaction, that those candles were not working out. There really was too much heat coming from these tiny candles without an AC machine to offset the heat. It felt sort of like I had started up a fireplace, rather than a few cheap candles without our central A/C machine.


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