I didn’t remember my service date!

I’m a stay at home mom.

I savor the three afternoons a month that my mom takes my kids for the afternoon, because it gives me a window of time to decompress, participate in self-care, and give my brain a break from the tension of being a mom… But, last week, just when I was starting to get settled in the bathtub with a bath bomb that was fizzy and pink, the doorbell chimed. I thought, “That’s just a salesman,” and wiggled down further into the bubbles. However, after another knock on the door, which I let go, I received a call on my cell phone. Figuring that it wasn’t random, I answered. “Hello, Mrs. Estanda? This is Colin from the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I’m outside, here to perform some maintenance on your soffits.” I hastily jumped out of the bathtub, tied on my bathrobe, and hustled to the door! The Heating and Air Conditioning technician greeted me, and I wholeheartedly apologized to him! The technician relayed that my husband had requested that the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier send someone out for our regularly-scheduled soffit and vent cleaning. I knew how pressing these appointments were for maintaining the efficiency, as well as the efficacy, of our cooling and heating systems, and I felt guilty for taking up the technician’s time. I sat on the sofa in my bathrobe while the technician checked our soffits as well as vents. He even changed our air filter, as well as performing a quick check of our ducts upstairs while he was there, to provide peace of mind until our next appointment. I was so relieved that the technician had some, but I was also so embarrassed that I hadn’t coordinated better with my husband. While time away from my kids is beneficial for my self-care, it also provides time to keep our home running smoothly.

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