I don’t use nearly that much a/c in my own home

My cousin has the coldest basement that I have ever been in! I had to stay down there yesterday whenever all of us went back to our hometown to visit and I thought that I was literally going to freeze to death! They had the a/c going on full blast whenever all of us arrived because the weather had been so sizzling outside, I suppose that the day that all of us got there, the outside temperature was someplace in the high nineties.

I definitely suppose that since they live down south, they are honestly used to using the a/c all the time, then my fiance and I are not used to that, though… Whenever all of us got married, all of us moved up north and so the climate is much cooler where all of us are from! Now whenever all of us go back to my hometown to visit, I am consistently shocked by the way that everyone uses the central a/c all the time, however both of us just don’t use the air cooler at our home much at all.

Both of us honestly don’t need it for the most part because the Summer temperatures don’t get all that hot. My cousin, on the other hand, uses the a/c and enjoys it going out of style. The a/c at their home is so frigid that I could have sworn that I could see my breath at a single point whenever all of us were trying to go to sleep down in their basement. I suppose that the basement was the coldest area of the home and all of us were stuck down there on a futon because they don’t have a guest room upstairs.

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