I dropped a space heater on my foot when I was helping my friend

I was helping my friend get moved into her new apartment last weekend, and I ended up really hurting myself! We were moving boxes and furniture and all kinds of stuff and it was hard work but we were having a good time.

We were getting ready to break for lunch and order a pizza, but we decided that we would go ahead and get her window unit air conditioner set up in the upstairs bedroom before we stopped working.

We worked together to carry the A/C up the stairs, which was no easy task. Those little window unit air conditioners are heavier than they look! Anyway, we got it upstairs and we set it up and tested it out. It started cooling off the bedroom right away and I decided that I would go and bring up the little electric space heater from the moving truck while we were waiting on the pizza to arrive. That way, all of the heating and cooling stuff would be taken care of and we could move onto getting the kitchen stuff unpacked. I grabbed the space heater out of the back of the truck and headed back into the house. That’s when I tripped over the threshold in the kitchen doorway and ended up dropping the space heater right on the top of my foot. I screamed and grabbed my foot and started howling. My friend ran downstairs and grabbed an ice pack for me out of the fridge, since luckily the prior tenants had left one in there! That’s what I get for doing a good deed!
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