I got my money back from the hackers

You always think that stuff like hacking only happens to other people, and won’t ever happen to you, and I always felt like it was only rich or famous people, or companies with a lot of data, that got hacked or attacked by cyber criminals.

Well let me tell you, I had a rude awakening recently while I was out to eat with my family, and before I left the house I evaluated my bank statement, as I do monthly, and after that we drove to the restaurant to grab dinner, a minute later when I tried to spend my money to pay the bill, I had no money, my account had been drained of all but a single dollar.

I called my bank and they referred me to their cybersecurity office, which was a surprise because I had no idea there was such a thing. The nice lady on the phone asked me a bunch of questions about my firewall protection, my cloud key management, if I used a VPN. If I had taken any steps towards permissions management. To every single of her questions I had to answer “I don’t know” because it turns out that cybersecurity people speak their own kind of language. Finally I had to put my oldest daughter on the phone, because she knows a lot more about cloud based security than I do (as in, she knows what it is, and I do not). The bank was very good, and their cybersecurity department was excellent, because I had my accounts restored, and later on I was informed the hacker had been arrested.

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