I had a supper date set up

My boyfriend works at the deli across the street from the grocery store where I work.

  • All of us met a couple of weeks ago plus both of us work full-time at our tasks.

All of us don’t have a lot of time to spend together, so every once in a while every one of us take our supper cut at the same time so every one of us can rest outside plus have supper plus Starbucks Latte together. All of us each get an minute at work for our break, so it’s a pretty nice time to talk plus rest together. Things have been tied up at the grocery store ever since the holidays, but people are in plus out of the store consistently plus everyone is ordering holiday trays plus deli platters. The boss is usually pretty nice about giving us our supper breaks whenever every one of us want. I told my boss that I was going to have supper at 11:00 plus everything was set up perfectly fine. At 11:15 my boss came by plus I thought he was coming to deliver myself and others my break; When he passed by, I reminded him about my early supper… He told myself and others there was an issue in the cut room with the cooling system. He had to fix the problem with the cooling system plus he needed myself and others to stay up front at the register, he apologized for not being able to deliver myself and others the break, however the cooling system in the cut room had to be fixed first. I didn’t get to see my boy that day for supper, however at least my boss fixed the AC so I could rest in the cut room comfortably.

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