I had to laugh when Jerry came home one evening and asked if I would mind if he were to spend some money on the local children. I couldn’t believe he was asking if this was okay. I knew that he had always wanted to give back to those who made him a success if he was ever to get his own HVAC company. Mike had already left the business and Jerry was on his own. Jerry said that one of the local children’s groups had come to him and asked if he would like to sponsor the children’s center this year. They needed new shirts and pajamas for the kids at the orphanage. They also had a T-ball team that was in need of new equipment and none of the kids' parents could afford it. Jerry didn’t want to tell them no, so he came home to talk it over with me. Our bank account was good enough that we could have taken it out of our personal finances, but he wanted it to come from the business funds. He said it would be better if we used the business funds and used it as a write-off. That same weekend, Jerry presented gifts to the orphanage along with new t-shirts and pajamas. He also gave uniforms to the t-ball team and all the equipment they needed. He knew that it not only helped out the needy, but it was also a way of getting some good advertising. I know he mentioned advertising for the HvAC company, but I also knew that even if there wasn’t any advertising, he would still have given it to the kids.

Career day for an elementary school?


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