I had to teach my grandfather how to use his new smart thermostat

Recently, my grandfather was telling me how he just got a new smart thermostat.

He said he had a big problem though, he wasn’t able to figure it out.

He told me that the HVAC professional set it to a certain temperature control setting, but he said he wanted to adjust the temperature control settings to something different at different times of the day. It happens to be a touchscreen thermostat, and I think that’s what was confusing him. He had no idea how to navigate the settings or how to even adjust the temperature. So I went over there and showed him how to use the thing. It was very easy and I actually managed to talk him into getting a smartphone. He never thought he needed a smartphone, but I showed him how easy it was to install and use different apps for various things. It was all way over his head at first, but he was happy when he figured out how to use the smart app to adjust the temperature control settings. He appreciated the fact that it was all remote no matter where he was, and he even enjoyed checking on the settings when he was out at different places. Probably what he loves most is that the smart thermostat has saved him a lot of money on his energy bills. I really must say, it’s nice to see my grandfather getting with the times. At first he seemed like he didn’t even want to use the smart thermostat anymore, but he loves it more than anything now.
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