I hate taking a shower when it’s cold

I really hate taking a shower when it is cold.

There is a large window in my bathroom and it does not seal up very well.

It definitely has some drafty areas. I can feel wind and cold air coming in from the top and the bottom of the window. I put a piece of rubber in front of the bottom and that helped a little bit, but then there was just more air coming in from the top. I hate taking a shower in the bathroom during the winter months. I told my husband that I wanted a radiant heated floor. I looked up all of the cost for radiant heater flooring and I even contacted a contractor to get an idea of the costs. My husband didn’t want to hear about radiant heated flooring. His solution to the problem was simply to buy a space heater. The space heater that my husband bought is very nice and it’s waterproof. It is actually the perfect machine for the bathroom. It’s not exactly radiant heated floor, but it does help bring up the temperatures in the bathroom when it’s cold. He also put some weather stripping around the window. That helps as well. When I get ready to jump into the shower, I turn on the space heater for a couple of minutes. It honestly doesn’t take long to warm up that small space with the large heater. In just a few minutes the bathroom is warm and toasty and ready for me to take a shower.


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