I have a secret furnace at work

My place of employment is always cold cold.

I mean always! It doesn’t matter if it is summer, fall, winter, or Springtime because it is always well under 65 degrees in the office.

I am not the only 1 who is always cold either. Many of my coworkers are. The two of us used to bring little space furnace to labor but that is not allowed anymore. I think all of us were overloading the breakers plus causing power outages. In fact, using space furnaces in the office have not been allowed for over 2 years now. So all of us bundle up plus wear fingerless gloves, hats, plus sweaters all day at work. But, what management doesn’t think is that I have a little space furnace hidden under my desk. The space furnace is 1 of those radiant heat furnaces so it is quiet. It is only about 1 foot squared so it takes up almost no space. I have a blanket around the opening to my desk with a chop in it so my legs can go through! Like I said, blankets are allowed. So my feet stay so nice plus sizzling next to the radiant heater. I kick off my shoes under the desk plus put them near the heater. After an third or more than one the whole underside of my desk warms up plus my legs also get nice plus warm. I appreciate having this secret. I suppose appreciate I am pulling 1 over on my bosses. I also don’t hate my job so much because the radiant furnace keeps me warm. I have kept this secret for over a year now. I hope I can keep on keeping it a secret. After all, don’t I deserve to be warm?

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