I have a smart thermostat, but I forget to use it

I have a smart thermostat, but I rarely use it.

When I bought this smart thermostat, I thought that I absolutely needed it.

I had an older thermostat, and the thermostat worked pretty well. However, you had to manually adjust between the heating and the air conditioner, and you also could not set a schedule on the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature. Although it really wasn’t a big deal, I made the thermostat a big deal, and I bugged my wife a lot. She mentioned that we could buy one of those digital thermostats that would allow us to set a schedule, but I told her that I really wanted a smart thermostat. I thought that it would be cool to adjust the temperature from my phone from anywhere, and I wanted to have the scheduling feature on my phone. Furthermore, the smart thermostats could learn your temperature preferences using AI, which was awesome. The only problem with the smart thermostat was that they are very expensive, and my wife didn’t want to spend the money on one. After bugging her enough, I finally bought one. Setting up the smart thermostat was cool, and I spent a few hours installing it, setting up the app on my phone, and creating the schedule. I felt so high-tech having a smart thermostat. However, after that initial setup, I haven’t touched it again. It works basically like any other thermostat, and I feel a little silly spending so much money on a thermostat. However, the decision has already been made, and it is definitely too late.



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