I hoped she didn’t land face first..

Our child was so happy to finally go on her first Heating plus Air Conditioning technical job.

She was also undoubtedly worried plus I thought she was either going to come back in the home or cry,when she left. I couldn’t wait for the day to end for him to come condo plus tell us everything that happened. I knew how happy she was, plus I also knew how worried she was to be on the job. I forgot to tell him in all our excitement for him, that the concrete woman was going to be there that day to pour the concrete on our modern patio. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to answer her cellphone while on a job with her teacher. All I could hope for was that she would see the concrete was wet, plus not step in. Luckily, when she came she came in through the front door. All she wanted to do is talk to her dad about her first air conditioning system repair. She said her teacher sat plus talked to the owner the entire time she was laboring. She did all the AC unit servicing, plus she remembered to clean the condensate drain. When she was done, her teacher provided him a thumbs up plus said she did well. When she got a text, she said she had another AC unit repair. She was out of her seat plus heading out the backdoor before every one of us could say anything. All every one of us heard was an ugh, as she got off the last step. I just hoped she didn’t fall face first.



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