I knew the AC was making a odd sound yeahterday

All day at labor yeahterday, I thought I heard a odd sound coming from the AC unit; The huge commercial AC equipment is right on the other side of our office wall.

I hear the buzz plus whir of the AC equipment all day at work.

I have been listening to that sound for the past multiple years; Yesterday, it seemed like the equipment was making a odd sound. I didn’t consider telling anyone about the noise, because I didn’t think it would turn into a big problem, when I came to labor this day, I saw multiple commercial AC repair trucks standing in the parking lot. I instantly thought about the noise that the equipment was making the day before. When I walked into the building, I saw a group of five or six service men sitting in the lobby, then some of those men worked for the commercial AC repair service. The AC was off most of the day, so our co-workers plus I went lake beach house at lunch time. I still had a couple of hours of labor to perform when I went back to the house, however it sure was nice to get lake beach house early for a change, then my hubby was totally shocked plus surprised to see me. I had time to go to the dry cleaner plus the grocery store. I made a actually nice supper for the family plus all the people had a good evening together, both of us actually had time to play a couple of board games together plus every one of us rarely have time to do anything before the youngsters go to bed.

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