I learned that I have to use quality air filters with higher MERV ratings

When I first bought my beach house, it drove me crazy not knowing why my air quality became so bad there.

I got new air filters with high MERV ratings each month, but the house was just getting worse.

I vacuumed and dusted a lot, but the dust and debris would keep building up no matter what I did or how much I cleaned. This forced me to call a Heating & Air Conditioning expert to help me out. The expert asked me if I ever had my HVAC duct program cleaned, which I did not. He told me that was a sizable thing that has a negative impact on the air quality. After taking a look at the HVAC duct, the expert told me it seemed the space was obstructed up. The mold, mildew and dust inside of there was making its way into my breathing air. That scared me because I thought I might get sick. I let the expert handle the HVAC duct cleaning, and he started telling me about the air filters I was using. I had gotten the cheap fiberglass air filters, and he explained those barely even protected the Heating & Air Conditioning program plus didn’t clean the air. This also was a sizable factor for having superb air quality, the air filters. The AC expert told me I had to use quality air filters with higher MERV ratings. He also added that I should get an air purification system so that I could be assured that all that dust plus debris was being filtered out of my breathing air Since that’s what I wanted, I went for that upgrade plus now it works along with my Heating & Air Conditioning program making my beach house fantastic.

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