I live in a condo and my neighbor’s HVAC condenser is too loud

I decided to sell my house and move into a condominium.

My decision for downsizing involved several different pieces of reasoning.

First, I wasn’t utilizing all of that space in my old house and had rooms that were rarely used. Once I have a single guest room, do I really need another? Secondly, I hated having to keep my lawn mowed weekly during the rainy season. You might avoid living in a community with a homeowner’s association but you can’t always escape city or county zoning laws and ordinances. Lawn care neglect is an easy way to get a fine regardless of where you live. That’s a huge reason why I wanted to get rid of my house and move into a condominium instead. There’s no outdoor maintenance and I have a cozier indoor space with less unused space. Despite this, there are problems that plague me in ways I would have never guessed. We all have split style HVAC systems in our units, but the condensers are grouped into pairs of four along the balconies outside. The condensers for my wing of this building happen to be right outside my unit and one of them is screeching while it runs. I have complained to the property manager but they weren’t interested in helping me at first. The only thing that saved me was the noisy condenser itself, as the neglect caused the compressor inside to break completely. At some point the condenser quit turning on at all until the owners returned and replaced their entire HVAC system. Thankfully the new condenser isn’t making a ton of noise like the last one.



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