I love having a gym membership

I sometimes sign up for group fitness classes.

I used to exercise at home. I wasn’t interested in a gym membership. I bought some free weights, a yoga mat, resistance bands, weighted ball and a jump rope. I like to head out for a run or ride our bike. I was able to get a decent workout. Physical fitness is a priority for me. I workout every day. For our anniversary a couple of years ago, my husband gave me a membership to the nearest fitness center. It was a really nice gift. I didn’t want his investment to go to waste, so I determined to make the trip to the fitness center multiple times per week. I assumed that at the end of the year, I’d allow the membership lapse. After one workout session at the fitness center, I was hooked on the gym. The access to such a wide variety of equipment is wonderful. I tell myself I can only spend an hour at the gym, because I’d be there all day long. For aerobic exercise, I vary between using the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike and rowing machine. There are so many models of each machine that I am never forced to wait to use one. There are all different types of the machines that include the latest features and modern technology. Strength training machines target all the muscle groups. I use weight benches, battle ropes, kettlebells, heavy bags, and resistance bands. I can use an indoor running track or try out the rock climbing wall. I sometimes sign up for group fitness classes. I have taken pilates, yoga, spin and circuit training. I can be totally focused at the fitness center. I use my headphones and really get into the workout.

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