I love working on boiler repairs and problems

Some people dread going to work everyday, but I actually love my job. I spent six years in the military and I learned how to repair commercial boilers during that time. I worked on a naval ship for several years. I learned a lot about welding and boiler repair. I planned to spend all of my life in the Navy, but I decided to get married and my wife didn’t want to be a military spouse. We discussed everything in detail before we got married and I agreed that it was best to find a job where I could be home every day. I didn’t mind giving up the military for my wife, because I didn’t want her to worry about losing me every single day. My commander was surprised that I decided to leave, but I found a great job in the civilian industry. I started working for a commercial boiler repair company. As a commercial boiler contractor, I travel from place to place inspecting and repairing commercial boilers. I still have to spend a couple of days every month away from my wife, but it isn’t nearly as dangerous as being in the Navy. As a commercial boiler contractor, I earn a very good salary and I have benefits for my wife and I. In a couple of years, we are going to start a family and I won’t have to worry about how to financially provide for them. There is a lot of room to advance with the company. I’ve already received a raise and a promotion because of my boiler welding skills.


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