I regret forgetting to reset the thermostat

I forgot to reset the temperature control when I left, and I regret it, but thankfully, it was summer time this time when I left and forgot to adjust my temperature control.

In the past, I accidentally turned the furnace off when I went on a trip, and I came back to find my pipes froze and my house with a ton of damage.

I never want to repeat a scenario like that again, I did end up wasting a lot of money. I have a central cooling system, and I love it. I didn’t have a central cooling system when I was growing up, so I have made sure to take advantage of this central cooling system in every way possible. I can’t even imagine living without a central cooling system. When I go on a trip for a few days, I always like to turn my central cooling system off. I figure if I am not at the house to use the central air conditioner, there is absolutely no reason for it to be running. However, I was in a rush this time, and I left without changing the temperature control. I was so upset about forgetting other things that I didn’t even think about the central cooling system. During the whole trip, I enjoyed myself. It was one of the best trips that I have ever taken. However, the cooling system in my car stopped working on the way back, and that truly spoiled the whole trip back. When I got into the house, I felt immediately relieved that there was cool air. However, while I was relaxing, I realized that it would only be cool if I left the cooling system on. I wasted a bunch of money using my cooling system for no reason. What a good way to ruin a fantastic trip.



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