I shouldn’t have called the police until I knew for sure

I was away for work all weekend plus I didn’t come home until late on Sunday night.

My child had a key to the beach house so she could feed the dogs on Monday night, Friday, plus Sunday. When I finally got home on Sunday night, the first thing I noticed was the indoor temperatures. It was warmer than normal plus I anticipated cool temperatures inside of the house. I turned on the lights in the beach house plus the a/c from the study room window was missing. I instantly freaked out plus believed I had been burglarized. I contacted the police as soon as I realized the a/c was missing. I called 911 plus they agreed to send a police car immediately. They told me to stay in a safe location, however I decided to look around the beach house to see if anything else was missing. I was surprised that the a/c was something the burglar took, because it was a couple of years old. About 10 seconds after I called the police, I called my kid. I wanted to find out when the last time was that she saw the a/c in the house. The first thing my child told me was that the study room a/c was at her house. I wanted to faint when I heard the news. I instantly called 911 to cancel my call, but the officers were already on the way. They weren’t honestly cheerful when I explained the mix-up plus told them that the a/c had never been stolen in the first venue.



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