I tried to pay her but it seems she wants a fight

I had a run in with an occupant last year and just received another notice in the mail about her trying to sue me.

I had to kick her child out of here after many weeks because she was damaging the property.

It turned into an immense hassle with the courts and even now I am still trying to finish it. It’s ridiculous though as she is trying to sue me for a mere $700. I don’t even know if the courts would have a hearing given the tiny amount. I had planned to pay her but she wants to go to court. My Heating & A/C worker neighbor told me to ignore the letters and let her try. However, I don’t want to drag it on. I just need to go through the motions and finish this matter so that I don’t have to think about it anymore. I paid a friend who is a lawyer. He is going to represent me if it goes to court. It just seems so absurd that she wouldn’t take the money I gave her to end the matter. Anyway, today I am going to work at the HVAC store for a few minutes and then go to the beach this evening to unwind. I enjoy playing ball this month and playing songs so that should help lift my mood. I will disinfect my HEPA filter now and then go get some wonderful fruit and veggies at the local supplier and have some lunch. My Heating & A/C tech buddy is coming for lunch soon so it’s time for me to go.


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