I was impressed with the grow room and the HVAC equipment

My aunt asked me to go grab a tool from the garage.

Commonly the garage is off limits.

I’ve consistently been curious as to why this is, and so when she told me to get the drill from the garage I didn’t question anything, I just went into the garage. That is when I saw the humidistat in the garage. I also saw a great deal of HVAC ducts leading into the other section of the garage. The garage had been divided into two parts, however one section had the tools. The other section had a door. I was heading to go check what was behind the door when my aunt appeared behind me. I believe she came to realize her mistake about a second too late. I could tell she had a grow room on the other side of the dividing door. Why else would she need that much ventilation plus humidity control in a garage? I guess she could tell I knew too. Whatever. It is not as if growing a few plants is illegal in this state. So I grabbed the drill plus began going back inside. That’s when my aunt stopped me and made the decision to show me her grow room! She had a great deal of nice plants. I was totally impressed with the cooling device plus humidity control too. I could tell a lot of work plus money went into making this grow room. Then, by the looks of things, she had been growing for numerous decades. It was pretty neat. I promised not to tell my parents though. My parents wouldn’t appreciate me coming by anymore if she knew about the grow room.


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