I was invited to a breakfast celebration with a bunch of wealthy people

Ever since I was invited to this breakfast celebration with a bunch of wealthy people, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be like to live that sort of lifestyle.

These people have harshly pressing & extravagant homes, butlers, maids, & they basically have things made in life.

This breakfast celebration I went to, they had radiant radiant floors throughout the site & they had charming fireplaces in most of the rooms. I actually couldn’t imagine how much it would cost just to install radiant radiant floors through such a pressing home, let alone the cost to heat & cool the property with a fantastic temperature control system. I kept our cool when I was at the site & I felt alright in our rental tuxedo. At least for that period of time, I could pretend that I was part of the club. I remember talking to somebody there though who was saying that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, then he was telling myself and others that most of these people were irritated inside & that just goes to show that money can’t buy happiness. I suppose that’s true, however I still think like I would be a lot happier if I could afford all of those things in our life. I’ve basically given up on dreaming of living a extravagant lifestyle when the reality of adulthood finally kicked in. I suppose you have to be in the mindset to become rich & wealthy, and you have to make plans & suppose where you are going in life! Personally, I just have our job, however I don’t expect to do pressing things. Occasionally I wish that I could live a wealthy lifestyle though.


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