I was upset when my coffee table was damaged

My Grandfather was in the furniture business.

He regularly made hand crafted tables and chairs and he sold them to the public. My Grandfather made the most excellent pieces of wood furniture, but he was in the middle of small town America. If he would have taken his skills to a crucial city, my Grandfather genuinely could have taken over the world. He was incredibly talented. He made a good amount of custom-crafted pieces such as the handmade cherry coffee table that easily rests in our dwelling. My Grandfather made that handmade cherry coffee table for my mother and he provided it to me on my anniversary day. I genuinely adore the handmade cherry coffee table and it typically reminds me of my Grandfather every time I look at it. Hardly a few weeks ago, our son was playing and one of the table legs was broken. I tried not to get upset about the situation, but I thought the coffee table was totally ruined. My partner calmed me down and promised that he would find a furniture restoration professional that would take care of the table. The next day, my partner packed the cherry coffee table into the back of the truck and he drove away. When the table came back so many weeks later, I was stunned. The table leg was easily restored and it looked beautiful. The restoration company even put a protective coat on the table to help resist scratches and stains. I was honestly thinking the coffee table was doomed, but my partner genuinely came to the rescue and fixed everything.
Coffee table

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