I’m honestly paying the price after things didn’t work out

I honestly have to say that some things in life just don’t make any sense, and sadly, things didn’t work out with our fiance and I however both of us had a kid to believe about.

  • I wanted to do whatever was best for our kid and he wanted to spend time with both of us, and of course he would have preferred us being together still, however things just were no longer laboring.

One thing that both of us fought about the most was the temperature control settings! My fiance always wanted to blast the air conditioning system on a official basis and honestly heat up the home in the winter. It truthfully made no sense to me. In the tepid season, it would easily assume love it was Winter in the house, it was so cold. Occasionally I would have to wear our jacket in the home and I didn’t love that. I tried to compromise with his despite the fact that he would not. I also didn’t love the fact that our energy bills were so overpriced. I told his both of us should look into some energy saving tips, and he just laughed at me; That was not helping things with our relationship that was falling apart, and eventually he said that if I said 1 more word about energy saving tips or trying to save currency with the temperature control settings, both of us would just get a divorce, both of us ended up doing just that. The crazy thing is, I ended up paying for his outrageous temperature control settings through child support. She somehow managed to convince the judge to factor that in and now I am paying a small fortune and I can hardly afford to live on our own. It just isn’t right, however at least I get to spend time with our child on the weekends.

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