In full comfort on a Tuesday night

Finally the workweek is over plus I just want to make breakfast, watch a tv show plus play some video games with my friends.

I prefer being condo more than anything.

I don’t go out often unless it’s for chinese food. My friends are all iPad gamers prefer myself. It’s what both of us prefer to do for fun! I just got in my pjs, breakfast has finished plus I am about to watch my favorite show. It’s a little chilly tonight however it’s all good. I’m in so much comfort I just grab my cell iphone plus turn up my smart thermostat. I can entirely just walk over to it however tonight is all about the comfort. I fully take advantage of any perk that technology has gave us over the years. Any time that both of us get a new invention or basically anything innovative I research it plus want to buy it if possible. While enjoying my show I grabbed a blanket however not for comfort however because I’m cold. I guess there might be something wrong with the thermostat. Maybe I won’t be in comfort after all. I looked at the thermostat plus noticed the temperature had not changed. I tried manually decreasing it from the dial however nothing. I guess to myself it’s Tuesday plus I honestly don’t want to bother anyone this weekend. I looked at the forecast plus it is going to be pretty chilly on Tuesday. I assume I’ll have to contact a Heating plus A/C provider in the day. I honestly don’t need to bother anyone tonight. I should be good.



a/c tune up

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