Investing in professional SEO strategies

I spent a lot of money in the start up phase of my company.

I used old-school advertisement strategies to create awareness of the brind.

Over the years, I realized that my company was falling behind. I invested more money to put up billboards and advertise via print media. I saw minimal results from the efforts and yet the investment was high. I got very frustrated and eventually complained to my brother when we ate dinner at my mom and dad’s house. He advised me to abandon my outdated SEO strategies and utilize some newer methods. Recommended looking into modern technology and digital SEO services. The company he works for had recently made this move, and they were seeing a lot of positive results and growth. His company was getting recognition and their sales had doubled in just 6 weeks of making this change. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hire a digital SEO company due to the cost. Some of the benefits that came with this investment was that it would free up my time for other things. I could concentrate on running rather than promoting my business. I could turn over the advertising and marketing to professionals. They started by totally redesigning our website and making it more welcoming and user-friendly. We now have a contact form that potential customers can fill out, ask questions and even schedule service. They can easily see our list of qualifications, business hours and services. We are ranking for keywords such as air conditioner repair, furnace maintenance and boiler installation. We’ve gotten a lot of traffic through our website and many have turned into new clients.



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