It was time to get a place from which to do business.

Mike and I had been busy getting all of the work done that would form a partnership between the plumber and the heating and air conditioning technician.

We knew that our biggest obstacle, other than all of the licensing, was going to be finding a space big enough for us to have our separate and combined entities to work from.

Mike seemed to think that the best place to open a business in one of those large warehouses down by the docks. When we looked at the rent for the warehouse, we were shocked at how high it was. Neither of us could afford to pay that much. I was looking for a building that wouldn’t cost as much. I found an old garage that had two doors and a main showroom. It used to house a large car showroom but it had long been abandoned. Once we did the plumbing and HvAC renovations, we had an amazing space for our business. We had to go down to the courthouse and get all of the paperwork signed for the space. It was then that I realized this was the same space that my old boss had used when he was opening up his HvAC company. I was thrilled and secretly hoping that my own HvAC company would be as profitable as his HvAC company. If I was being honest, I was actually hoping that I could be more profitable than he was. I was now on my way to have my own HvAC company, if it was a part of a union of plumbing and HVAC.

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