It wasn’t my favorite day

I recently had been on a supplier trip for my daily toil which caused myself and others to have to go halfway across the country to another local state.

While I was there I stayed at what was supposed to be a 5 star hotel.

Well, the stupid hotel itself may have been 5 star and certainly nice. But it was all ruined when the damn central air conditioning system idea in the hotel was less than perfect. It was possibly the most horrible and weak air conditioning system I know I ever experienced in a hotel. I had stayed in dingy rodent hole motels when I was a teenager that had better air conditioning systems than this supposed to be 5 star hotel! The good thing was that my task was already paying for the hotel stay. If it had been out of my pocket, I would have left and found somewhere else to stay. But because it was free, I stayed. I went right out to a hardware store in town and obtained a portable air conditioning system myself, to plug in my hotel room, which made it so that I felt indoor comfort in the room. I was not cheerful about this at all. I certainly did complain about it to the management and they seriously were not helpful at all. They kind of blew myself and others off about it – they truly already knew about what I was saying and didn’t think of fixing their air conditioning system. I can only begin to imagine what this locale is all about in the chilly winters with the heating!




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