It’s difficult to imagine living in the past

Occasionally I suppose about what it would be like living in a weird time period.

It’s something that is entirely difficult to imagine to be honest.

One thing that would be difficult to do without is having a nice temperature control plan to provide the perfect temperature control settings. They didn’t have advanced temperature control back in the day, but there were a lot of cool things happening around the world. I suppose in particular parts of the world, they were able to have temperature control in interesting ways, like having water routed from glaciers to provide cooling to the cities in the past. It would be difficult to imagine living in sites without regular sewage systems & sanitation though. From what I understand, people became absolutely sick when they lacked regular sanitation & clean drinking water. The more I suppose about everything, the more I am grateful that I am living in the now where everything is so convenient. We’ve actually reached the point where the people I was with and I have UV air purification which is great. All of us have food delivery & other fantastic things so the people I was with and I don’t even have to leave our homes if the people I was with and I don’t want to. Something that I especially have become spoiled with is our smart control unit. I am able to adjust the temperature control settings no matter where I am, & I save pressing money on our energy bills with our smart control unit. When it comes to smart technology, I suppose they didn’t have anything extravagant like that going back a century or longer. It’s just so difficult to imagine living in the past.

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