It’s hard for me to stay up when watching a movie

My wife complains about this all the time

I’m not sure what the reason is, but oftentimes when I try to watch a movie, I will fall asleep halfway through it. I can be entirely filled with energy too and this is usually what happens. Even when I used to go to the movie theaters all the time back in the day, I would usually end up napping sometime through the movie. Of course, I would go for the cheaper matinee movies and I might have a couple of friends along with me. My buddies always asked me why I would go to the movies all the time just to get some sleep. I think it might have something to do with the air conditioning. The movie theaters would always crank the AC systems practically at full blast. I enjoyed the cooling that was provided by those commercial AC systems, and perhaps it was just too comfortable and that’s what lulled me to sleep. When I try to watch movies with my wife and kids at home, it’s the same. I usually adjust the temperature control settings to get the AC system providing the right amount of cooling, and before I know it, I am snoozing on the couch. My wife complains about this all the time. There are some movies that are too exciting to fall asleep to though, but most of them I can’t stay up. I also like to watch interesting television shows or play games, and I usually don’t doze off during those times. Sometimes I think that I just don’t have enough energy in general, so perhaps there is something wrong with my diet or I don’t get enough exercise, I’m not sure.

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