It’s Important to Replace Air Filter

Finding a good air filter for my HVAC system has been a challenge.

  • Before I became a homeowner, I had no idea about the regular maintenance that needed to be done on my HVAC system nor did I understand the importance of it.

I assumed HVAC maintenance was something that only occurred when there was something actually wrong with the furnace or air conditioner, but I’ve found out that that isn’t the case at all. Not only do I need to have my HVAC system serviced by an HVAC company, I also need to maintain the air filter within the equipment. Twice a year, an HVAC professional will switch out the dirty air filter when they come to service my HVAC system, but I’m responsible for replacing it at least two more times in between. I found this out the hard way when I didn’t replace my air filter and the HVAC professional who came to service my HVAC system judged me. He wasn’t mean or anything, but he gently let me know that I wasn’t doing enough. If I wanted my HVAC system to run efficiently and quietly then I needed to replace the air filter in between tune ups. The region we lived in experienced a lot of dust and allergens throughout the year, so it was important to trap them in the air filter and then remove them from the house. A clean air filter would also protect the insides of my HVAC system from dust buildup.

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