Jerry’s business was growing so quickly that he found he was in need of at least one employee and possibly even two. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t using any of the business money for his personal needs, which was his biggest challenge. He had started out taking a minimum amount of pay, but he was now taking out more than what he was previously getting paid. It soon got to the point where he needed to hire a couple of employees. He decided that he was going to hire in the same way as he had gotten his first HvAC position. He wanted to go to the local technical center and hire their best students to work as apprentices. Not only was he getting good workers, but since they didn’t have any work experience, he would be able to pay them cheaper wages. He went down to the local technical center and he inquired about their students. The instructor happened to be the same instructor that he had trained under. He asked him about his top students. The instructor remembered Jerry and asked how he was doing? He introduced him to a man and a woman who were both excellent HVAC trainees. Jerry was impressed with both people and asked if they would be willing to work with him at his new HvAC company. It was the first employee Jerry was to hire, but it wasn’t going to be his last. His HVAC company was only going up from here. He couldn’t wait until he was making enough money that his wife and daughter would never want for anything.

The community gave him his business and he was giving back.

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