Just need some personal training to get the most from the gym

When the doctor actually wrote down the name of the gym and told me he would be following up to check if I called, it sort of sunk in.

It was no longer so much an option to pay attention to my health and wellness as it was essential to do so.

So I went to the health and fitness center the doctor suggested. I was blown away when they were waiting for me. The doctor had called to tell them to look for me. That was interesting but it was also great because these people had my back right from the beginning. I was welcomed to the health and fitness center with a no strings 2 month free gym membership. They told me that if I wasn’t into my wellness and fitness after 8 weeks, I could walk away. Again, another interesting move. I had tried gyms before to just no great result. But this time was different. I was assigned a personal trainer from the first visit. This person was a great listener as we crafted a workout program. That first visit also included my first bit of nutritional counseling as well. This was unlike any experience I had every had at the local gym. And it just kept getting better from there. I thought I would just be a sore, tired mess all the time. The opposite is what happened. The more I got into wellness and fitness, the better I felt. The renewed energy was really surprising. It’s been well past that initial two month period and I haven’t missed a personal training session yet.
Personal Training

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