Kitchen remodeling regrets

When we remodeled our kitchen, my husband and I handled the entire job ourselves.

We put up drywall, muddled the seams and painted.

We replaced the light fixtures, wired new plugs and put down a new floor. We ordered Ikea cupboards that we assembled and installed ourselves. We didn’t hire a professional plumber to replace the water lines and drains for the sink or dishwasher. Because we provided all of the labor, we saved quite a bit of money on the project. However, there were some drawbacks of our lack of expertise and mistakes that I now live with. We caused some very slight damage to the cupboards as we put them together. Figuring out the different parts how they assembled was frustrating and difficult. I was unable to locate the sink exactly where I wanted it. Our house is built on a slab. There is no crawl space under the house. My husband and I didn’t know how to move the drains and water lines from one side of the room to the other without raising the floor to accommodate the pipes. My husband aso talked me into a black sink. He found the sink as a floor model, and we got it at an especially low price. Initially, the sink looked very sleek and modern and beautiful. I have discovered that it’s nearly impossible to clean. Every imperfection, stain and scuff is very apparent. It requires constant cleaning, and I’ve found that the best way to do it is with vinegar. Although I’ve only had the sink for two years, I’d like to replace it. I wish that we had installed a garbage disposal.


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