Leaking HVAC duct causes high energy bill

My husband plus I were having a lot of difficulty figuring out why our electric bill was so high this year, and it costs almost 50% more this year than it did last year! Both of us dug out an seasoned bill plus the rate hadn’t gone up. So it had to be something else, however the only thing all of us could think of is the fact that our air conditioner has to toil honestly strenuous to keep the beach house cool. It didn’t used to have to run non-stop in order to cool the house. So all of us called up an cooling system contractor plus asked them to take a look. It turners out that there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner itself. The complication is with our HVAC duct. It is leaking a lot of air. The professionals said that half of the air that our air conditioner is protruding is escaping outside. That is insane. Thankfully they were able to service it with some HVAC duct sealing. They sealed up all of our HVAC duct plus even updated a few ducts. I have to say that all of us can already tell the difference. The air coming out of the vents feels much colder, but additionally, the air conditioner is not running non-stop anymore. It only turns on for a few minutes then it turners back off for multiple minutes. I suppose that it will take a few weeks for this HVAC duct sealing to reflect on our electric bill but I am looking forward to it doing so. I bet all of us will see a major decrease in our bill. This didn’t just happen. It has been going on for awhile now. So I’m cheerful all of us finally got it fixed.
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