Living abroad comes with a better heating and air conditioning perspective

When I graduated from my program with a masters degree, I was so eager to put all that learning to wonderful use as well.

I hadn’t spent some multiple years inside radiant heating at a university way up north not to get right to work! My work was my passion then just as it is my passion now.

I’ve spent the last more than one plus decades basically residing abroad working in my field. I try to get home a couple of times a year. And it never fails that the first thing I get when I deplane is a heating and cooling wake up call. The regions I’ve spent most of my job in don’t commonly have new heating and air conditioning equipment. If I’m lucky, I’ve had offices with some form of heat pump. And that’s if I was lucky. When it comes to my apartments, there might be an evaporative cooler for a/c. But I’m not sure I can even call that a/c. Where I grew up, evaporative coolers were called swamp coolers. And while they did produce some amount of cooling comfort, it did absolutely nothing to balance the humidity inside. So every time I get off an airplane in this country, the first thing that hits me and others is the commercial heating and air conditioning. I really enjoy this odd reality check for myself and others whenever I visit. And when I visit in the summer, the level of a/c at my parents or my friend’s houses is overwhelming. I truly have to remember to bring a hoodie to deal with all the a/c back home.



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