Looking for a local exterminator

There’s a few different things that stink about living in a rural area.

One is bugs, lots and lots of bugs.

If you are not a fan of bugs I would suggest staying in the city or suburban area, because here there are a ton of different bugs of all different kinds. Another bad thing is that it can be hard to find local businesses around here, you often have to drive to get to anywhere. I have been having an issue with wasps and bees buzzing around my home. The yellow jackets and bumble bees are creating nests around my home, and this is actually causing them to get inside of my home. I don’t mind the bumble bees that much, because they generally don’t sting, the wasps though, they have to go. Thankfully, it is not hard at all to find exterminators, the issue is finding local exterminators. A lot of people have issues with bumble bees, honey bees and wasps, so wasp extermination has become quite common. However, living in a rural area, there are not many yellow jacket removal places around me. I actually had to call around a few different places and see if they would be willing to make the drive to see me. I was just about ready to give up, when the last place I called agreed to come and visit my property. They will be removing any and all bees and wasps in my area, and that is a relief. I will have to start using this company as the main way to get rid of the bees.


Wasp exterminator

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