Making a fuss over nothing

I could not believe my dumbness or unknowing things about the smart thermostat that I bought within the last year. The other day, my smart thermostat suddenly stopped working all together! And with it, of course my central heating and air conditioning system went also. I had absolutely no heating or air conditioning as a result. I was freaking out because of how hot it has been. And without air conditioning me and my family would have to retreat to an expensive hotel. I right away ran to the phone to call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist for emergency HVAC services. Luckily they had someone available and they sent them out. Well, I was pretty shocked when the heating and air conditioning specialist showed up, took one look at the smart thermostat, then went out to his truck and came back in with 4 double A batteries! Changed out the batteries on the thermostat and left. The issue was simply that the batteries died! I felt so dumb! I just paid several hundred dollars for a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to change batteries that I could have bought at the local grocery store for 15 bucks and changed myself! This was a hard lesson learned about a smart thermostat. But they seem to run on regular batteries. And when they die, your heating and air conditioning goes with it. And then you just need to replace them to fix everything. How dumb could I have been?

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