Marketing through Twitter

My company has been quite successful.

We have stayed ahead of most of the competition in our area.

We tend to rank high and get good reviews on social media platforms. My SEO team stays on top of things. Our website sees lots of traffic. We get new contact forms that lead to sales regularly. I planned to reward my team at the end of the next quarter because profits were streaming in steadily. However, after reading some related blogs online, I realized that we were still missing out on so much potential. The company had failed to tap into all its social media options. We were on Facebook and Instagram and doing well with it. My social media management team had recorded positive improvements every day, with more potential customers visiting our pages. A higher percentage of the consumers had also followed up on the site, and at least a quarter of those converted into actual sales. This translated into decent profits and growth. However, we had neglected to utilize Twitter. I knew about this platform for a few years but thought it wasn’t something that would benefit my company. After reading recommendations on the blog, I suggested the program to the team. We tried it and the results were astounding. No one anticipated the numerous inquiries we received on our first day on Twitter. This was a platform I had neglected for no reason. Many of the follow-up calls and queries were beneficial. We made quite a few sales while testing it out. A few weeks later, we officially targeted Twitter as a means to generate business and have been doing well.


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