Me and my truck

I really love my truck.

I bought it in addition to the car that I have and use for driving to work and other things. My truck is kind of my private personal getaway. I love to go on late night drives with my truck in the summer just by myself. This is one of the reasons I always ensure that my central air conditioning system in the truck is always checked out at the beginning of every summer. It tends to get quite hot on summer nights around here, and I really need my central air conditioning system in my truck to be able to properly enjoy those late night private personal drives. Even though if I drive by the ocean there is a breeze, it can sometimes be a warm breeze that doesn’t feel too good if it happened to be during a heatwave that lasts twenty four hours per day and seven days per week during that period. So the central air conditioning in my truck is what makes it all work out well. The central heating is not so much important because my truck stays pretty darn warm if I have all the windows rolled up. It has great insulation. So taking long late night drives in the winter I can sometimes go without having to turn on the central heating system in the truck. Central heating and air conditioning in any vehicle is important. Think of it as your home away from home or, just simply the fact of needing indoor comfort when driving on the road. Especially when it’s super hot or freezing cold.

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