Mike had no idea what kind of a reputation my husband had for himself, from when he worked for his previous boss. Some of his customers were looking him up and wanting to follow him. They didn’t trust their HvAC equipment to anyone but Jerry. It was hard to believe that he had so many customers in such a short time. Not only was his reputation a big draw, but he was busy doing his own advertising. He was out there handing out business cards and making sure everyone knew about the business. He spent a lot of his money on putting their business info on bus benches and in grocery stores. Never had Mike seen anyone hussle the way Jerry did. He handed out business cards at church and even when he was at ball games. I knew that a lot of the reason people liked Jerry, was his business ethic. He treated every customer like they were his one and only customer. He was always on time when he went to do a job and he never gave them anything less than one hundred percent. The only worry Mike had about the HvAC side of the business was the competition. He knew that he was getting a lot of competition from his previous boss, but Jerry was handling it well. He continued to take care of his customers like he hadn’t anything to worry about. The business was growing and everything was going well. Mike was thinking about getting out of the business and retiring, and he knew that Jerry would have no problem keeping the HvAC side of the business running and thriving.

There is a need for employees.



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