Modular offices were on all the construction sites.

After I learned what a modular office wasn’t had one on my property, I was seeing them everywhere.

We had several construction sites in our city, and there was a modular office on almost every block.

I was having a hard time believing that the contractors and the designers worked out of the small modular offices. I knew they shared the same modular office, because my husband was also a contractor. Even if they were just building a home, they had a modular office where my husband and his building designer worked. The modular office was the hub of his business, and all the workers and building material delivery drivers checked in at that office. I was looking up at one particular office building that was going up on the block. It had to be at least 30 stories, and it appeared to be made of glass. The modular office reflected on the bottom levels that were just about completed. It was like looking at 20 modular offices as they reflected into the glass. I’m not a big fan of all the construction that’s going on in our city, but seeing these buildings had me awestruck. Just knowing that everything that went into the construction of that building all started with a small modular office, the man heading the construction, and the person who created the designs for the building. This made me very proud of my husband and all the other contractors who made it looking easy while working out of their modular offices. I knew all the buildings would be spectacular, once completed.



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