My cousin is obsessed with flooring

I love my cousin to death, but she has strange habits that I don’t quite understand.

One of those habits is loving to pretend she is incredibly rich in front of strangers, even paying a lot of money to appear rich, when she is just your average person.

Another one is absolutely loving something one minute, then either being neutral with it or hating it the next. Oh, I almost forgot how much of a clean freak she is. Probably one of the weirdest things about her, is her obsession with flooring. Whenever we are somewhere together, I commonly see her looking at the ground, inspecting it. She will complain when the flooring doesn’t meet her approved standards, and it just doesn’t make sense to me. She does the exact same thing to her own places. So many times I would come to visit her, and I would see another janitorial company van in her driveway. There have also been plenty of times I wouldn’t be allowed to come over because she would be having grout floor cleaning service or tile floor cleaning service. I understand having carpet cleaning service, and wanting your floors to look good, but she takes it to the extreme! She will have business cleaning service out at least twice a month, more if she could afford it. When she finally doesn’t have the floor cleaning business at her place, then she will spend at least 30 minutes of our conversation bragging about how great the floor looks. She will even point out minor imperfections and gawk at them, while I see nothing. I really don’t understand it.

Carpet cleaning service

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