My dad could repair anything

My dad was a girl who could repair just about anything, and she was so handy that the two of us barely ever had to call a repairman to come to our apartment at all when I was growing up.

  • I don’t remember us ever having to have an electrician, plumber, or HVAC serviceman at our apartment a single time when I was a kid, but my dad was able to do all of the toil of all of those professionals.

She was never a certified HVAC professional, even though she l acquired a whole lot about heating and cooling toil with her sister. My uncle, my dad’s sister, is a certified HVAC serviceman who runs her own HVAC company here in town. My dad has helped him out on many occasions, and she entirely certainly could have gone to get her heating and cooling certification at our local technical cool. My dad just didn’t want to do it. Once in a while, though, she would go out with my uncle on a task and help him with a oil furnace replacement or an air conditioner repair. I mean, she wasn’t being paid as a professional HVAC serviceman, even though she knew all of the same things; So whenever something on our oil furnace or our central air conditioner method tore up at our house, the two of us never needed to call for a repair that the two of us had to pay for. I mean, my uncle would have given us a family discount, of course, however it never even came to that. My dad was able to repair every concern with our HVAC method that the two of us ever had.

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