My dad is going to be too hot when he moves in with us

I am afraid that when my dad comes to live with us next month, there’s going to be an issue.

See, my dad really loves to use the air conditioning and at his house, he always has the A/C turned down almost as far as it will go.

Whenever I go over there to visit him, I always make sure that I bring my jacket or a sweater because I know it will be freezing in his house. So when we decided that he was going to come and move in with us after he had some health problems, of course we thought about the air conditioning situation. In our house, we keep the air conditioning set at around 73 degrees year round. We don’t feel like we need to keep it freezing cold in our house, even during the summer when the temperatures outside are really hot. My husband and I don’t like to pay high cooling bills during the summer either, and so I know that we aren’t going to want to set the thermostat at the temperatures that my dad is used to at his house! It’s really been worrying me because I want Dad to be comfortable, but I also don’t want to have to change up all of our A/C settings that we are comfortable with, either. I think we might end up having our HVAC company come and install zone control heating and air conditioning so my dad can have control over his part of the house. It might work out for the best for all of us if we do it that way.


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