My ex has to go.

I am so tired of my ex and his interfering with my air conditioning unit.

I can’t believe that he still has the app on his phone that controls my Smart Thermostat.

I know that when we had the Smart Thermostat installed, we were a couple. We did a lot of travelling and both of us having the app was a smart move. I didn’t think we would ever be breaking up at that time. Now, I’ll be doing something in the kitchen and all of a sudden the temperature will be going up or down. I know that he is the one doing it. He is the only other one who has the app that controls my air conditioning unit. I called him the other day and I really ripped into him. I told him that he had to delete the app that controlled my air conditioning unit. He swore he wasn’t playing with the Smart Thermostat app, but I knew he was lying to me. Who else would be doing that to me? I called the HvAC company and they helped to block his number from the thermostat, but the next day the same thing happened again. I called the HvAC company. They told me that there could be someone else with the same AC unit, but it was highly unlikely. I told him that I wanted to have a new Smart Thermostat installed so I didn’t have to worry about this happening agina. Once I got the new Smart Thermostat installed I didn’t have any further problems with my air conditioning unit or the thermostat.


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