My Grandpa is so traditional when it comes to testing heating and cooling appliances

I have lived with our Grandparents all our life, and having been brought up with two seniors who have lived to see many generations, they have not let go of most of their beliefs and way of doing things! When I finally decided to transfer house, they were happy however sad about leaving their home.

If they had an option, I’d stay there forever… My Grandpa has been truly supportive of our job, and he wanted to be involved in our life as much as he could.

As a young person living in the 21 century, I have a weird outlook on life, unlike our Grandparents, however they still insist on some things that are still relevant here. And that is why when I wanted to get a modern hybrid HVAC system, he insisted I shouldn’t order anything online however rather identify a heating and cooling store locally and visit it to see and test the cooling or heating device. He even offered to take myself and others to an HVAC company in city to view weird appliances. Once there, an HVAC serviceman showed us around. I had the option to view other a/c components such as an air duct, a/c filter, control unit. Once all of us identified an ideal HVAC for sale, it was inspected, all of us were on our way to our friend’s place where all of us intended to stay together, good thing the company came along to repair the a/c so that all of us can finally have our temperature control. The HVAC upgrade came with a maintenance idea that caters for servicing of duct sealing and steam boiler maintenance, although all of us do not have that.


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