My husband needs to have AC

I swear my husband was a menopausal woman in another life.

He is always just a bit too hot.

He constantly is cranking the AC in the car and stripping off clothes when he is inside. He basically walks around in his underwear all year due to feeling warm. I have felt his body heat, he does feel like he runs a few degrees warmer. It is the weirdest thing. We live in the north and that does help him. Our climate is naturally cooler so he doesn’t suffer too bad. In the summer my poor husband is so hot though. He blasts box fans directly at him the whole season. We used to share a bedroom and then had to separate. I sleep under a thick comforter while he uses an overhead fan and just a sheet. I have a surprise for him though. I did some research and I got him a ductless mini split. He can have an indoor air handler and thermostat in his bedroom. It will only affect his temperature there too. It can provide both heating and air conditioning. I know the AC will get a lot more use. The idea is that in the summer he can blast AC all night long and be comfortable. Sometimes in the fall he gets a little toasty too. Viola! Now he has the means to provide AC. It was expensive and I needed to hire out the HVAC installation. I know it will be worth it though. My husband is going to love his new HVAC unit.

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