My husband tried to do a lot of good deeds during the shutdown

My husband owns his own HVAC company here in town, and he’s been serving the locals for the past fifteen years or so.

Everyone here in town seems to know him and his reputation for being a good, stand up businessman and member of the community. I am pretty proud of him and all that he has accomplished over the years. One of the best parts of being an HVAC company owner is the fact that he can pretty much do whatever he wants with his company. During the shutdowns, my husband decided that he wanted to do whatever he could to help the people in the community out in their time of need. As you know, things have been tough all over! My husband ended up setting up times to give out free air filters to anyone who wanted them because he gets a really good deal on buying air filters in bulk from the manufacturer. He said that he wanted people to feel like they were going to be able to have good indoor air quality in their homes since they were having to stay inside nearly all the time. In addition to giving out air filters to people at certain times during the week, he also started offering a really huge discount to people who wanted to install UV light air purification systems in their homes. He ended up selling and installing a record breaking amount of whole house air purification systems during those first three months of the stay at home orders! Hopefully, all of that will be in the past soon!

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