My kids hate my temperature settings

When you have children, you abruptly become used to complaining.

  • If there is 1 thing I have l acquired ever since I had kids it is that kids are masters of complaining.

Although, I will admit I would be lying if I said I never complained either… But this week the main subject of my childrens complaints has been the indoor air temperature. They don’t like what I have the temperature control set to plus are not shy about letting myself and others know about it. The worst part is that among my children they have entirely strange temperature preferences. My oldest child is a heat loving kind of guy, he likes to take things to the extreme. If he could choose he would have the loft at 90 degrees all afternoon everyday. If this continues into adulthood then I will hate to see what his utility bills are going to be! My child on the other hand is the polar opposite. She likes things to be cool, her number one season is the Winter when she can go outside plus play in the snow. While she is outside having snowball fights, plus making snowmen my child is inside right in front of the fireplace. Now even my youngest child, my other child will start to cry when the temperature isn’t just right plus she’s only 3! So I made a deal with my kids, I told them that if they get fine grades in university I will buy a zone controlled Heating in addition to Air Conditioning from the local heating plus a/c provider so that they can all have their temperature preferences in their rooms. I know I’m the only 1 in the household that prefers room temperatures.



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